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Montag, 3. Februar 2014

Press Release (english): The International League for Human Rights launches a law suit against the secret services and Federal Republic of Germany owing to the mass surveillance by NSA and others

Today the International League for Human Rights filed a complaint along with

The data protection association digitalcourage e.V. (Bielefeld),

The Chaos Computer Club e. V. (Hamburg),

The League’s vice president and attorney Dr. Rolf Gössner,

The spokeswomen of the Chaos Computer Club e. V. (Hamburg), Dr. Constanze Kurz,

And the digitalcourage board members Rena Tangens und padeluun

to the Federal Public Prosecutor

The unfounded mass surveillance of the population as well as digital espionage conducted by the US’ secret service NSA and other secret services and presumably linked to violations of civil rights and criminal law must be judicially inspected and if so, punished. Weiterlesen

Mittwoch, 15. Mai 2013

english: Istanbul hosts the 38th FIDH Congress

On 23 May, Istanbul will become, for one week, the human rights capital of the world. More than 200 NGOs from 130 countries will gather to discuss and exchange views on a current theme: „Human Rights and Democratic Transitions: Experiences and Challenges“.
400 human rights defenders will be present, including Shirin Ebadi (2003 Nobel Peace Prize, Iran), Asma Jahangir (UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion from 2004 to 2012, Pakistan) or even Kamel Jendoubi (President of the Independent High Authority for the Elections, Tunisia). Weiterlesen

Sonntag, 18. November 2012

Violations of International Law Must End

Call for Special Session of the Human Rights Council in the Gaza Strip

The intensification of hostilities in recent days and hours has resulted in widespread death and destruction, and concrete evidence indicating the commission of war crimes by both parties. Due to the nature of the situation, precise casualty figures are unavailable, as fieldworkers continue to investigate both previous and ongoing attacks. Weiterlesen